Udta Punjab is not banned, just somewhat close to that. Hashtag politics.

I was the most disappointed person along with those zillions of Udta Punjab release awaited people. Apparently, it was a rubbished rumor, that it has been banned. Yes, it has not been banned. Anurag Kashyap’s tweet went down a bit too heavily for everyone.Close to almost banning, the makers have been asked to make around 40 cuts in the movie which include a song, some scenes of drug consumption, profanity and ‘excessive swearing’.


The point here is basically not whether the movie is banned or not. Central board of Film Certification has not done it for the first time. It is quite a lot many times now, since Pahlaj Nahlani became the Chairperson. His idea of “Culture” is wrong and harming the upcoming revolution of films in India. Taking example of even movies like Angry Bird and Jungle Book, the former has been given a U/A certificate.

The huge joke that the politicians are themselves into is, untolerable. “The movie Udta Punjab is just a fatal propaganda to malign Punjab’s image.” claims Shiromani Akali Dal. The movie potrays Punjab in a “Bad light”. Bhai desh toh aapka akela ka hai! Kisi aur ka toh hai hi nahi.

Today the Badal government has excused itself in a corner stating the Ban and stuffs are the matter between the makers and CBFC. It seems like the music video ‘Ek Nasha’ by Kumar Vishwas which taunted the government was too heavy for them to handle. Poor people.
Wake up. By not acknowledging the cancer cell in the body, you cannot remove the disease from your child. Several generations are getting ruined because of the drug abuse in Punjab. Its high time that it should come in limelight now, or else future may bring what, no clue.