Best Fit

1. Dad.
2. A brother or likewise figure.
3. A man who loves her madly but she doesn’t love back.
4. A man who is loved by her, but doesn’t reciprocate to her feelings.
5. A man who she is with, but is not sure what is going on.

Every woman will have a point in life where she experiences these five kind of men at once. She might visit this stage, once in a life, twice in a life or stay entire life in this stage(if she fails to get her brain out of her ass).

I wonder how does modern era define love. Nobody ever could. Shakespeare failed to impress the modern generation as well. Women no-more swear by men anymore. Swear by MAC? Sure! The Russian red costed a big deal after all. It matters.

Shale was a lady of grace whom I met approximately one year back on Christ Interview. Although she didn’t make it to Christ, we became amazing friends. We both shared an equal orgasm for literature. She had a boyfriend, whom she loved dearly(I thought so, until…). They broke up few months back. He dumped her for a girl. I immediately called her up when I got the news. She was absolutely fine. I mean, she was doing amazing. She was happy. She was planning to break up with him for a long time, but had no reason to.

Taking Shale as an example, how many of us, are in relationship which doesn’t even matter? It doesn’t have a piece of the person in it. It doesn’t get on our nerves. It doesn’t sync with our breathe. I was in two of them. Its awful! When it starts, you feel, you can come out of that whenever you wish. But no, its like a web.If you are a horrible sensitive person like me. Stay away from this web of “Infatuation”. You really can’t compromise for a long time. Even after you try to change and make that person the way you want your love to be, only for the sake that, he or she loves you a lot. But it doesn’t change the fact, you don’t love him.

Love is periodic. Cities where power, wisdom and knowledge walk hand in hand, same place men and women are in some kind of search. Search of absolute nothing. They say, till the time that particular “nothing” comes and stands in front of you, you don’t know that exists.

I think that “nothing” gets a definition, when one gets to define it their own way. They always get to. And believe me it has to be perfect when you find it. You need to find it perfect at the very first go. Or else find a better fit in this gazillion population world.